Alyssa Ktistakis’ TV Debut on How To Stay Married

The day has finally arrived! How To Stay Married, Season 2 is airing on Channel 10 at 8.30PM and Action Drama Studio’s & Action Acting Agency’s own Alyssa Ktistakis makes her television debut as Lindsay!

Alyssa Ktistakis, as Lindsey

Alyssa Ktistakis, as Lindsey in How to to Stay Married – Channel 10

Alyssa started with Action Drama Studio back in 2013.

We’ve seen her in countless showcases and productions, and now to see her TV debut… it’s remarkable. It has been such a pleasure to watch her grow up and become the amazing young woman she is today. So… I guess you could say we are #proudparents and that is why we are announcing her television debut and SHOUTING IT FROM ROOF TOPS!

We are excited for Alyssa, who landed the role of Lindsay in How To Stay Married. Alyssa is playing Lindsay, a friend of Em (played by Lisa McCune) and Greg (played by Peter Helliar) Butler’s daughter, Sophie (played by Willow Ryan-Fuller) in a two-episode arc! If you would like to see Alyssa, make sure that you tune into Channel 10 tonight, at 8.30pm, where she will be featured in Episode 1 and again in Episode 5 (airing on June 2nd). You can also catch up with the whole series online at 10Play.

Alyssa on Channel 10

‘How to Stay Married’ Now playing on Channel 10

Alyssa had to keep the time she spent on set filming for ‘How To Stay Married’ under wraps, since October 2019. We are so pleased to finally be able to share this success with you now and celebrate her wonderful work – well done Alyssa, your ADS & AAA Family are so proud and can’t wait to see what you do next.

Now – everyone! Go and watch How to Stay Married… every week, on repeat. FOREVER! Remember, Alyssa’s in episode 1 and 5 – keep an eye out.

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