An Update on COVID-19

To our ADS Community

Well….what a time! 

Our thoughts are with our ADS families as we face COVID-19. This is a challenging time in history together and never before experienced in our own lifetimes. 

We sincerely hope that the impact has not been too difficult for you or your family and friends. We hope that everyone is staying safe and feeling hopeful for the future, as we are here at ADS.

As you are all aware, The Premier, Dan Andrews made the decision to close schools in the last week of term and as a result, we have followed suit.  Please note, that the instruction to stop non-essential activities does not apply to ADS at this point. As stated by the government, educational institutions are exempt from this rule. This means that when school goes back, we will too. At this stage, the Federal and State government have stated their intention is for schools to resume at the start of Term 2.

COVID-19 Update: Student lends helping hand

Shoutout to Greensborough Acting student Evie for making sure our new health & safety procedures were being followed

Assuming schools return in Term 2:

  • ADS Classes will operate as usual.
  • We may be slightly adjusting our timetable to incorporate extended and extra classes over Terms 2-4. This is to compensate for classes lost in Term 1, Week 8.
  • Students who have missed classes in the last couple of weeks can attend make up classes. Students can arrange to take these classes at other studios or attend a special weekend workshop.
  • We will continue to accommodate social distancing into the design of our weekly class curriculum.
  • Our teachers will continue to ensure the utmost of hygienic practices in class.
  • We are ensuring that all our venues adhere to the 4m per person rule. Currently we are meeting these requirements, however, we will need to put a stop on any further enrolments in some studios.

However, In the event that schools do not return on the date planned, we will move to online classes. Our staff are currently busy designing fun and interactive online lessons. This is to ensure our students are not missing out on their much loved drama classes.

To our ADS family, we say thank you.

ADS is determined to stay viable at all costs, see this through and offer our services well into the future. We have a loyal community of families and we are already so grateful for the outpouring of support we have received so far. 

Here at ADS, we believe it is our personalised and student centred approach that makes our classes so unique. However, undoubtably, it is our community that makes ADS so strong. If you are/or know of anyone looking for something fun to do in this strange time, we are very welcome of new enrolments in Term 2! Action Drama Studio is a place for everyone. 

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call ADS HQ on (03) 9090-7715 to speak to a member of Management.

To stay updated with everything that ADS is doing during the COVID-19 lockdown, head to our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter – click like & follow.

Yours Truly,

The ADS Team – Suzanne, Jaclyn, John, Steph and Natalie